2014 Annual Awards Luncheon

January 2014

On January 26, members gathered for our Annual Awards Luncheon to honor all of our accomplishments and hard work during the past year.  It is also a time to acknowledge those working behind the scenes.  Certificates were given to:  Randi Knutson for maintaining our website, Patti Idlof for keeping track of our certificates and making sure they get to the trial, Donna D’Amico for editing and publishing the Contact Zone and Sandy Taylor for organizing our Annual Awards presentation.

As President of Haute Dawgs I also want to acknowledge our individual members that took on the responsibility of Trial Chair.  They are:  Karin Bell, Anne Campbell, Ann Kitchen, Steve Lausmann, Sara McKinley, Barbara Meyer, and Sandy Taylor.  Additionally I want to acknowledge and thank those members that served on Trial Committees:  Susan Rappilus, Sue Horn, Anna Potter, Gib Brown, Justine Bradley, Diane Adams, Janet Rhoades, Susan King, Kathy Bettner, Lisa Seltmann, Dave Schuerer, Jayme Martinez, Patti Peterburs, Patti Diehl, Marcia Anderson, Seiss Wagner, Marj Vincent, Salli Dulco, Nancy Berry, Jennifer Slater, Mickey Horn, Beth Samford, Pam Anderson and Cathy Mason.

When we are new to the sport of agility, we are excited, nervous and eager to play with our furry friend.  At our first trial, we find that not only do we get to play and run, but we also get to volunteer at any one of the many jobs available to make a trial happen.  In order for a trial to be successful and run smoothly, volunteers have to step in.  Haute Dawgs appreciates all the volunteers we have and all the help we get.  It is only through your effort as a member that we can continue to offer agility trials that run smoothly.


May 2014 bring you plenty of opportunities to play with your furry friend.

Anna Potter, President

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