Gib Brown’s Birthday Celebration

Gib and SamAugust 3, 2013

Happy birthday, Gib – that was the theme of the day at the WAG CPE trial this past weekend. Susan Rappillus organized the perfect potluck surprise to celebrate Gib Brown’s 80th birthday. The birthday surprise was kept quiet until 11:30 when we all broke for lunch. Gib was told he had to come and walk his course and as he was coming to arena, he was greeted by all his friends with food, cake, balloons and gifts. He was overwhelmed and we were all so happy to be with him and share the moment.

Gib has been an active and loyal member of Haute Dawgs for 13 years. He is always ready to take on any job and is always willing to help out with a task. His spirit and enthusiasm is apparent to anyone that meets him. We are all grateful to know him and have him as our agility companion.

Here are a few posts from FaceBook
Happy Birthday Gib, Wish I could have been there. Valerie McKeever
Happy Birthday Gib, Sorry I missed your party – Harriet Markell
Thanks Gib for being our pal. What a fun day!!! – Dave Scheuner
Happy, yappy birthday, Gib!! You never fail to inspire me!! Hope your day was grand!!! ;)) – Gailanne Molver
Happy Birthday my friend. It was a great day! – Sue Bloom
Happy Birthday Gib from Susan, Joe, Gabby & Trinket! – Susan King

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