May 2017

May 2017

Congratulations to Haute Dawgs members at the CPE Nationals at WAG, May 19-21!

Rocket & Justine Bradley
High in Trial Veteran
Perfect Trial Award – 200 Points

Fudge & Kris Backus
High in Trial Enthusiast
High Standard, Enthusiast, 12″, Level C
3rd Place Games, Enthusiast 12″, across all levels
High in Trial Haute Dawgs member

Spy & Christine Johnson
Reserve High in Standard Regular, 8″, Level C
High in Trial Haute Dawgs member

Klink & Dave Scheuner
1st Enthusiast Standard – 12″
2nd Enthusiast Games – 12″

Kona & Sara McKinley
1st Enthusiast Games – 12″
High in Standard Enthusiast – L4 – 12″

Bond & Susan Rappillus
2nd Overall Level C – Reg Standard 12″

Eis & Susan Rappillus
1st Specialist Games 8″
2nd Overall in Level C, Specialist 8″

Calli & Linda Groesbeck
6th Vets overall Games

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