Gib Brown Memorial CPE Trial, May 11-12, 2019

At our annual May CPE trial we fondly remembered our good friend Gib Brown who encouraged us always to “Have fun out there!” In that spirit, we took the time Saturday to celebrate our older dogs who are still enjoying the sport. Our “Double Digit” dogs ranged in age from 10 to 15 years old! Each team received a custom dog tag that read “Double Digit Dogs Still Rockin’ It!”

Double Digit Dogs! May 11, 2019 at WAG
Standing: Susan Rapillus and Eis, 11 1/2, Christine Johnson and Spy, 11 1/2, Mary Phoenix and Gardener, 15, Bill Bamford and Nova, 11, Terri Upham and Pip, 11, Mary Palumbo and Winston, 11, Nicole Dupre and Girlie, 11
Kneeling: Kris Backus and Fudge, 14.9 years old, Chris Anderson and Emma, 13, Wendy Johansen and Loki, 10 1/2, Leslie McCulloch and Taylor, 10, Shelley Munn and Kate, 10.

And there was cake!

December 2017

As we approach a new year, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun dog events we have lined up for 2018 – all flavors of agility and nose work too!

Click here for your official Haute Daugs 2018 Schedule of Events in a handy one page document that you can print out and keep for reference.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays to All!

Daniel and Milo

May 2017

Congratulations to Haute Dawgs members at the CPE Nationals at WAG, May 19-21!

Rocket & Justine Bradley
High in Trial Veteran
Perfect Trial Award – 200 Points

Fudge & Kris Backus
High in Trial Enthusiast
High Standard, Enthusiast, 12″, Level C
3rd Place Games, Enthusiast 12″, across all levels
High in Trial Haute Dawgs member

Spy & Christine Johnson
Reserve High in Standard Regular, 8″, Level C
High in Trial Haute Dawgs member

Klink & Dave Scheuner
1st Enthusiast Standard – 12″
2nd Enthusiast Games – 12″

Kona & Sara McKinley
1st Enthusiast Games – 12″
High in Standard Enthusiast – L4 – 12″

Bond & Susan Rappillus
2nd Overall Level C – Reg Standard 12″

Eis & Susan Rappillus
1st Specialist Games 8″
2nd Overall in Level C, Specialist 8″

Calli & Linda Groesbeck
6th Vets overall Games

MarinesDecember, 2016

The Marines were out December 4 at the Haute Dawgs NADAC show. Haute Dawgs and WAG were able to fund raise over $3000 plus boxes and boxes of toys for their annual event Toys for Tots. The Marines again performed the Color Guard Ceremony and then they agreed to pose for a photo with all the Haute Dawgs members attending.


January 2014

On January 26, members gathered for our Annual Awards Luncheon to honor all of our accomplishments and hard work during the past year.  It is also a time to acknowledge those working behind the scenes.  Certificates were given to:  Randi Knutson for maintaining our website, Patti Idlof for keeping track of our certificates and making sure they get to the trial, Donna D’Amico for editing and publishing the Contact Zone and Sandy Taylor for organizing our Annual Awards presentation.

As President of Haute Dawgs I also want to acknowledge our individual members that took on the responsibility of Trial Chair.  They are:  Karin Bell, Anne Campbell, Ann Kitchen, Steve Lausmann, Sara McKinley, Barbara Meyer, and Sandy Taylor.  Additionally I want to acknowledge and thank those members that served on Trial Committees:  Susan Rappilus, Sue Horn, Anna Potter, Gib Brown, Justine Bradley, Diane Adams, Janet Rhoades, Susan King, Kathy Bettner, Lisa Seltmann, Dave Schuerer, Jayme Martinez, Patti Peterburs, Patti Diehl, Marcia Anderson, Seiss Wagner, Marj Vincent, Salli Dulco, Nancy Berry, Jennifer Slater, Mickey Horn, Beth Samford, Pam Anderson and Cathy Mason.

When we are new to the sport of agility, we are excited, nervous and eager to play with our furry friend.  At our first trial, we find that not only do we get to play and run, but we also get to volunteer at any one of the many jobs available to make a trial happen.  In order for a trial to be successful and run smoothly, volunteers have to step in.  Haute Dawgs appreciates all the volunteers we have and all the help we get.  It is only through your effort as a member that we can continue to offer agility trials that run smoothly.


May 2014 bring you plenty of opportunities to play with your furry friend.

Anna Potter, President

Gib and SamAugust 3, 2013

Happy birthday, Gib – that was the theme of the day at the WAG CPE trial this past weekend. Susan Rappillus organized the perfect potluck surprise to celebrate Gib Brown’s 80th birthday. The birthday surprise was kept quiet until 11:30 when we all broke for lunch. Gib was told he had to come and walk his course and as he was coming to arena, he was greeted by all his friends with food, cake, balloons and gifts. He was overwhelmed and we were all so happy to be with him and share the moment.

Gib has been an active and loyal member of Haute Dawgs for 13 years. He is always ready to take on any job and is always willing to help out with a task. His spirit and enthusiasm is apparent to anyone that meets him. We are all grateful to know him and have him as our agility companion.

Here are a few posts from FaceBook
Happy Birthday Gib, Wish I could have been there. Valerie McKeever
Happy Birthday Gib, Sorry I missed your party – Harriet Markell
Thanks Gib for being our pal. What a fun day!!! – Dave Scheuner
Happy, yappy birthday, Gib!! You never fail to inspire me!! Hope your day was grand!!! ;)) – Gailanne Molver
Happy Birthday my friend. It was a great day! – Sue Bloom
Happy Birthday Gib from Susan, Joe, Gabby & Trinket! – Susan King

July 29, 2013

What a great weekend for our Annual “CPE Cool Summer Morning Trial”. The weather was breezy and everyone was in good spirits. Thanks to a hard working trial committee and the calm leadership of Steve Lausmann – the trial ran smoothly.

Congratulations to those that Qualified this weekend and those that finished levels and got one step closer to their goals.

A special congratulations to those that finished their Championship titles.

Janet Rhoades and Dot received their CATE
Linda Blain and Reilly received their CS-ATE
Karen Stark and Carson received their CATCH
Mary Palumbo and Winston received their CATCH

Our judges, Barrett Benson and Joanna Ambroz, gave us some very challenging and fun courses to work with.

Trial Committee:
Steve Lausmann – Trial Chairman
Anna Potter – Secretary
Dorris Wigglesworth, Kathleen Bettner – Chief Ring Stewards
Mickey Horn, Seiss Wagner – Chief Course Builders
Jayme Martinez – Awards
Susan Rappillus, Justine Bradley – Chief Scoring
Patti Peterburs – Judges Contact
Dave Scheuner – Grounds/Facilities
Anne Campbell – Volunteer Schedule
Janet Rhoades, Susan King – Worker’s Raffle/Hospitality
Gib Brown – Equipment


Stay dry this weekend! The info is located on the event page for this trial. Look for event results on this page after the trial! Head on over to the event page….

Website redesign! I hope you like it! /randi and Ki-Ki

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